Sunhome U Shaped Neck Massage Pillow


  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improves brain blood supply
  • Relieve pain and fatigue in neck and shoulders
  • Helps in removing neuropathic pains.
  • Reducing the risk of cervical spondylitis by reducing neck pain.
  • Relieve the stresses and pains, re-energizing the body to do more.
  • Relaxes you all day long
  • Use anywhere: home, office, driving, travel
  • Perfect gift for family, friends and business colleagues.
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Sunhome U Shaped Neck Massage Pillow is a portable memory foam pillow with a built-in vibration motor and 2 deep kneading rotating massage heads. It can massage the neck, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and relax you all day long. It is suitable for home, office, driving, travel, and cervical sub-healthy people. It is the best gift for family, friends and business colleagues to take care of their health.

Function: knead, vibrate, heat, change speed. Simulation of hand massage, at home can also experience the feeling of a massage shop. Positive and negative two-way kneading, massage more comfortable, dredge meridians, relieve fatigue. Circular fit support, all-round support neck weight. Help you sleep better.

  1. Three massage modes: There are 3 massage modes to choose from and 3 methods to relieve shoulder and neck pain: Vibration mode, kneading mode, vibration kneading mode. You can choose one of them. It can improve blood circulation in the neck and shoulders, relax muscles, and relieve fatigue.
  2. Rechargeable and low-noise operation: Built-in 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh lithium ion battery, which can last about 1.5 hours after being fully charged (with USB charging cable). When the massage pillow is running, the noise is 30-45 dB, so you can enjoy a quiet massage.
  3. Use Anywhere and Anytime: The cervical spine massager has a built-in vibration motor with 2 deep kneading and rotating massage heads to massage the neck, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. You can enjoy a comfortable neck massage at home, watch TV, office, car, library , Travel, camping, make you relax all day.
  4. Portable travel pillow can be adjusted: The massage mode is set to automatically shut down in 10 minutes, or you can press the start button again to repeat the massage. Turn off the power and use it as an ordinary pillow, which will be more comfortable during long-distance travel.
  5. High-quality material: It is made of high-quality air filter cotton cloth cover, the texture is fine, and it fits the skin and feels soft. It can be a gift for parents, friends, or as a gift for their health.
  • The package contains items: Multifunctional massage pillow, data charging cable, packaging bag
  • Product Material: Memory foam and flannel
  • Product Size: 24*26*10CM
  • Power Mode: Data line direct charging mode
  • Approximate Weight: 0.5kg


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg