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  • sunhome cardiopax

    Sunhome Cardiopax Soft Capsules (100 capsules)


    Coenzyme Q10 help prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, periodontal diseases, mitochondrial disorders, radiation injury, obesity,

  • Sunhome Golden Mem Soft Capsules


    DHA can help lower blood pressure and triglycerides as well as improve how well your blood vessels work. it can keep your eyes healthy, prevent memory loss

  • Sunhome Hypcare Soft capsules


    Suitable for:

    • People with hypertension and hyperlipidemia,
    • It help in lower Blood pressure and blood lipid.
  • sunhome lycopene

    Sunhome Lycopene Softgels


    Power-packed Antioxidant!

    • Powerful Antioxidant
    • Cellular Protection
    • Improve markers of prostate proliferation
    • Assists In male fertility¬†
    • Supports Vascular health
    • Boosts immune functions
    • Powerful antioxidant acts as anti-cancer agent
    • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian Softgels
  • sunhome tie guanyin 1sunhome tie guanyin 2

    Sunhome Tie guanyin Tea


    Nature’s Gift of Antioxidants!

    • Help with weight loss goals
    • Regulate bad cholesterol
    • Fight against some types of cancers
    • Increase alertness
    • Prevents heart disease
    • Improves bone density
    • prevent dental caries
    • Reduce oxidative stress
    • Regulates blood sugar
    • Boost immune system
  • sunhome lipid lowering teasunhome lipid lowering tea 2

    Sunhome Lipid Lowering Tea


    Effectively Regulate Body Fat!

    • Regulate fatty liver
    • Enhance lipid metabolism
    • Helps with hypertensive disorders
    • Enhances blood viscosity and oxygen
    • Beneficial to obese people with excessive fat
    • Supports cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health
    • Boost cellular activity and immunity