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Launched in 1996, Sunhome offers a range of health and beauty products focused on easy absorption and fast-acting results. Our science-backed supplements come in convenient, easy-to-swallow Softgels capsules, designed for faster breakdown and increased bioavailability. We also boasts organic skincare, massage equipment, functional teas and coffees, and everyday essentials, all aiming to support optimal health and well-being.

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“A patient of ours who has been receiving treatment for enlargement of the prostate. He had been taking supplements and medications for years, but never saw any improvement. Then, my sister, a Sunhome distributor, told me about their prostate product, Qianliekang softgel. It worked like magic.”
“Sunhome Protein Powder is 100% super food. Whenever I drink it I feel refreshed, energetic and ready-to-go. I am 70, a grandmother and minister of the gospel working about 12 hours everyday, starting by 4:00am.“
Eyo Bassey
“I must say that Sunhome Company has really good and effective products, and there are 100 capsules in each bottle. My favorites is the multivitamin and bone products. Another thing that I like is that they are softgel capsules, and you don't need water to swallow the capsules.”
Rosemary, U.N


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