Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule


  • Regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Promote muscle cells and adipose tissue
  • Activate and restore insulin cells
  • Promote insulin secretion and glucose utilization
  • Effective for diabetes mellitus & nephropathy
  • Enhance vital energy
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Alleviates polyorexia, fatigue, frequent thirst & urination
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Diabetes is caused by the reason that islet cells can not normally secrete insulin, thereby leading to metabolism disorders of sugar, protein, fat, water and electrolyte, and liver glycogen and muscle glycogen cannot be synthesized. 

A healthy lifestyle can effectively prevent and manage diabetes, which can lead to severe organ damage and even death if not properly managed.

Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule helps to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism, promote muscle cells and adipose tissue, its absorption and utilization of sugar in the blood can prevent diabetes-induced acidosis, activate and restore insulin cells, thereby promoting insulin secretion and improving glucose utilization.

Sunhome Bitter Melon Softgel Capsule lowers sugar content in blood, prevent complications of diabetes, reduce physical symptoms and so on.

Main Functions:
  • It can enhance vital energy, and promote blood circulation.
  • It is effective in treating diabetes mellitus,
  • It can alleviate a variety of symptoms, including impatience, self-sweating, high urine volume, polyorexia (excessive appetite), fatigue, and frequent thirst.

  • It has significant effect on patients with diabetics and nephropathy (deterioration of kidney function).
Recommended For:
  • People with fat accumulation and body weakness
  • People with back pain, night sweats, and lower limb weakness
  • People with favor of fever fast food, more dinner parties, overeating, and high blood sugar
  • Diabetic patients
Main ingredients and contents:

Each capsule contains Momordicin 400mg, Propolis 50mg, Pumpkin seed oil 50mg


Two capsules per time, taken once daily.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg