Sunhome Woodlock Medicated Balm


For A Pain-free Life!

Dispels blood stasis, osseous, rheumatism, sciatica, sprain, aches, pains, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, skin itching, swelling and promotes blood circulation, etc.

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Sunhome Woodlock Medicated Balm


Dispels the wind and dissipate blood stasis, warm meridians and dredge collaterals, dispel cold and eczema, promote blood circulation and relieve pain. It’s used to improve muscle aches, osseous rheumatism, back pain, leg pain, sciatica, traumatic injury, sprain (cervical spondylosis), arthritis, skin itching, dizziness, stomachache, swelling, sourness, etc.


Apply to the swelling, numb or painful part and massage gently. Place the medication oil under the nose to smell, or apply a little to philtrum-philtra for nasal congestion. Apply to the part from the acupoint Taiyang to the tip of ear, or to the acupoints Fengchi, Fengfu and Dazhui for headache.

Apply to the part around belly button and the acupoint Mingmen on back for haemorrhoids or upset stomach. Apply to the part from the acupoint Fengfu to Dazhui, additional with scraping of bladder meridian on back for heatstroke, nausea and vomiting, dizziness or distention in the head. Apply to the acupoints Yongquan on pelma, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, as well as Mingmen and Shenyu on waist and aching part on waist and back for sleeplessness, pain in the back and sexual dysfunction. Apply some medication oil and then massage gently for two minutes or wrap up with preservative film for podagra and rheumatism; apply scraping with the medication oil for “lump” on upper back (clogging and swelling of the acupoint Dazhui) (Technique: 1. Scrap from the acupoint Fengfu to Dazhui; 2. Scrap the two shoulders; 3. Scrap shoulder blades); apply to the acupoints Yongquan, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, Mingmen, Daimai and Baliao for breast distending pain and uterine coldness of females.


  • This product is for external use and is forbidden for internal use.
  • Do not have cold drinks after using this product. Those with rheumatic goutatrophic arthritis should avoid eating greasy food.
  • Do not touch the eyes with this product.
  • Those with allergic constitution should use this product with caution or after skin test.
  • Pregnant women cannot use this product.
  • Keep away from light in a dry place.

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