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                             Malaria                                                                   Malaria causes headache high temperature, fatigue                                   Cordyceps spirulina Tie guanyin tea Mugwort tea                      2 daily 2x2daily 1×2 1 x 2 daily
MalnutritionDeficiency in mineral, vitamins, amino acids e.t.cProtein powder multivitamin1x2daily 1 daily
Menstrual painCramp or pain that start just before or during menstruation periodMugwort tea cordyceps1×3 daily 2  daily
MenopauseMenstruation disorder in women above 40 years. This may cause headache, fatigue, stoppage of menstruation Propolis Cordyceps carotene2×2 daily 2daily 2 daily
Mouth UlcerWound in the mouthSpirulina cordyceps2x3daily 2daily
MeaslesViral infection that may lead to cough, skin rashes, red eye, high temperatureCordyceps Spirulina Fish oil2 daily 2x3daily 2 daily
Mental disorderA condition that affect thinking, mood and behavioursganoderma Spirulina Fish oil propolis2 daily 2x3daily 2daily 2×2 daily
MigraineA form of severe headacheganoderma spirulina2 daily 2x3daily
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